The Importance of Background Music at Your Restaurant

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The power of music should never be underestimated. The mere fact that the innate quality of us humans to produce tunes with even minimalistic objects points towards our inclination towards music. It plays a vital role in our daily lives and influences our thoughts and decisions subconsciously. That being said, if you’re in the tertiary sector, it is best to use music that your audience can synergize with. The foremost example is that of a restaurant.

Background music services such as Dozima for Business help select music that can produce desired results. Either way, it is best to equip yourself with tips and trick on how to make the most out of your background music. Here they are!

Restaurant background music

Fast/Slow tempo music

Music can alter our perception of time. The type of music that is played in the background will subconsciously influence table-turnover at a restaurant. Slow tempo music is often relaxing, excessively so. This would make the customers feel that they haven’t been here for a long time and would prefer to relax. Fast tempo, on the other hand, makes it feel like the customer has been here for a while now. Both have their pros and cons since staying longer might lead to customers buying more as well.


Loud noise and music elevate our heart rate. This elevation often results in us doing our activity in haste, which is bad in a restaurant. High volume coupled with fast tempo music might make the audience leave earlier but the quality of the experience would decrease detrimentally, and this might leave you with minimalistic billing and tips. Furthermore, people chose to socialize over lunch/dinner as well, and volume might become a limiting factor in that case.

Mood and music tonality

In broader terms, music can be divided into two types; Major Key and the minor key. Major Key sounds are generally melodious and have a ‘happy’ soundtrack, one who uplifts the mood and leaves people feeling cheery in general. Minor keys are those that are often associated with sad songs. Even though the latter might be more emotionally satisfying and fulfilling, in a restaurant, it is always best to go with a major key song. This will inculcate positive brand association with the customers since nobody wants to feel sad when they are eating!

Perceived prices

A certain type of music can influence the way a customer might feel about the menu. Inexpensive restaurants, classical music is played to soothe the nerve and hence suppressing the shock. Furthermore, pop music has the opposite effect and often results in less business. Pop music can cause people to perceive the value as higher. Either way, chose what is appropriate!

Simple/Complex music

If you’re looking for, strictly speaking, background music then goes for simple music such as pop or hip-hop. Simple music does not alter visual elements such as taste and smell, a study dictates. However, if a major theme of your business is music, then go for complex alternatives such as jazz since they create a wholesome experience.