7 Simple Yet Effective Ideas for your Restaurant Grand Opening

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After countless sleepless nights of planning and hard work, your restaurant is finally ready to open. The best way to announce your presence in the community is by commencing your restaurant through a grand opening. We have listed down ideas to help you have an amazing grand opening.

Inviting Friends and Family

Having a soft opening before your grand launch is quite important. It will help you notify your flaws and tweak simple changes in your grand opening strategy. Inviting family and friends on the soft launch is a great way to start. Your staff will get hands-on experience of interacting with a fully packed restaurant. In case of any mishap, your guests will be understanding and won’t make a fuss about it.

Invite Influencers

For maximum marketing and publicity, it’s important to invite different media influencers to your platform. Online bloggers and social media personalities have thousands of dedicated followers. A single acknowledgment or tweet can deviate potential customers to your doorstep. It will open doors for your restaurant business to tap into the unaware audience and get your word out quicker.

Establish a partnership with a charity

Having a charity or supporting a cause that you truly believe in will help you establish your brand’s worth and make a connection with the public. It will showcase your priorities that you want to help the local causes and make a difference in the community. Sort out charities that are related to your business/brand so the effect can be maximized.

Give out Offers

Having special discounts and offers on your grand opening will ensure maximum audience at your venue. Plan redeeming offers so your customers can visit again and enjoy your delicacies. Free Drinks, 50% off or free appetizers are a few good offers to consider.


Having your restaurant well-decorated for the grand opening is crucial. Massive printed banners on the front door along with balloons and ribbons throughout the venue should be placed. Locals will get attracted to the glam increasing traffic for your opening night.

Executing a Marketing Strategy

You need to plan out a marketing strategy according to your budget. In case you are low on budget, you should consider Facebook location-based ads instead of the expensive billboards or radio announcements. Focus on targeted marketing around your locality. Sending out press releases to the local media and inviting them to the event are also good options to consider.

Live Entertainment

It’s really important that you keep your visitors interested throughout your grand opening. Arrange live entertainment for them so they may enjoy it alongside having your menu. Be creative with your entertainment ideas and plan something that will interest your local audience. Planning the entertainment is recommended so you may increase curiosity within the public. You can also ask local talent to perform on your grand opening. It will send out a good message for your brand and will be quite less expensive as well.