Restaurant Branding 101: How to Build a Restaurant Identity

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Congratulations, you have decided to open a restaurant! Before you go off in excitement and start opening right away, there are a few aspects that you might want to give a serious thought on. Most important aspect probably is the marketing & branding; how are you going to build and maintain your restaurant’s identity?

It is important to think about this early on because it might affect the architecture, design, makeup, etc. of your restaurant. If you are interested in knowing how to build a restaurant identity, scroll on!

Key factors

Simple and straightforward questions shape the basics of your branding; What kind of restaurant is this to be? What will you be serving? How do you want the ambiance of the restaurant to be like? What should your customers feel and remember about your restaurant? All these things matter, a lot, in fact. These things should be on your mind when you start thinking about branding:

    The right name – it should be search friendly, should give a signal about your restaurant type and of course, should be catchy.

    The all-important logo – the logo is your ultimate identity; it will be recognized by all the stakeholders and should beautifully represent restaurant’s values.

    Décor – Shine up your restaurant and polish it according to the restaurant’s branding. Customers give a lot of importance to the decor in the modern social media age and hence should be taken seriously.

    Online platform – Your website! How it is presented, how is the design; it all matters!

    Customer service – This should go along with your theme; how you welcome the customers, how you get the orders, how you handle the complaints etc.

    Restaurant menu – how you have the menu designed and presented is a very important factor. It should be properly branded according to the theme and its language, imagery, and layout all matter. Menu items should be listed in a special order that will appeal to most of your customers.

It is important to consider all the factors listed above and also all these should be coherent. A beautifully designed website but not adhering to the theme will not add effectually in the branding campaign.

Getting more ideas

It will be helpful if you search for and see other examples that how restaurants can make and maintain a successful brand. If you are to look for good examples, you might consider going to different online platforms like Pinterest, 99 Designs, Instagram, etc. Social media image sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram will have multiple branded designs for you to consider and learn.

Freelance designer marketplaces such as 99 Designs, Fiverr, can provide you with the services of the right designer for your customized work. The Dieline is an excellent example of branding examples specific to restaurant design. One other in the same category is One Xtra Pixel.