Customize Your Restaurant Offerings In Time for The Holiday Season

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Different statistics have shown that the restaurant industry makes more profit than any other industry year-round. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its ups and downs in revenue. There are many factors that can affect a restaurant’s revenue, especially seasonality.

Seasonality has different variables from holidays to festivals and many others. Each variable affects a restaurant’s profits differently and keeping track of these variables can help you strategize your next marketing plan.

One essential thing you can do to overcome this dip in revenue caused by holiday seasonality is to customize your restaurant according to different holidays.

Here are few tips on how to customize your restaurant according to some famous holidays and festivals worldwide as well as how to advertise these deals so that it can reach the masses.

Holiday Marketing for Restaurants

Christmas Holidays

Christmas and late December is the time of the year when people are not hesitant to spend money as they have saved up all year to avail all those discounts offered during Christmas and New Year’s. Why should food be any different? While shopping, people prefer to eat out with their friends and families so by putting promotional deals and discounted offers, you can boost holiday spirit as well as your business. Beautiful lighting and Christmas decorations can attract people towards your establishment to see what you have to offer.

You can also add winter aesthetics in addition to your restaurant’s decorations to attract customers. It is essential to note that decorations for a particular holiday should be kept at minimum but they should still be unique. Simple and unique decorations interest customers and they come from far and wide to see it. For example, an ice sculpture or a chocolate fountain in your restaurant will surely grab people’s attention.

Ramadan and Eid

Muslims around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by fasting throughout a whole month. They have particular needs that restaurant owners should be mindful of. It is significant that your restaurant caters to people coming from different religions, race and nationality without prejudice.

Most Muslims will appreciate if you give them complimentary drinks and dates to break their fast if you can’t serve them during Iftar time. Serving complimentary dates and drinks is a known tradition in restaurants that are in Muslim countries.

To accommodate people who are fasting, you can offer Suhoor meal deals as well as promotional offers to build good customer relationships with your Muslim customers. Your restaurant’s ambience in Ramadan should be calm and serene without any extravagant decorations and loud music. You should also allow your guests to make restaurant reservations during Ramadan to make sure that they secure their spot come Iftar time.

Eid is a religious festival that comes after Ramadan and holds a huge importance in Muslim community. Most Muslims prefer to stay at home that day and eat to their heart’s content. Different attractive offers on Eid day can actually lessen the burden of Muslim women as most of the time they have to cook large meals for the inevitable family gatherings on Eid.

Advertise your restaurant’s customized Eid offers so that Muslims celebrating Eid can avail those offers. By diversifying your approach and facilitating people from different backgrounds, your restaurant can become a public favorite!

Holi restaurant offers

Holi & Diwali

These are Hindu festivals that they celebrate every year with extreme vigor and energy. The colorful atmosphere can rival spring in many ways. This calls for a vibrant and colorful theme for your restaurant. Note that when we ask you to ‘change the theme’ of your restaurant, we mean decorations and few subtle changes in the interior. You can’t keep changing your restaurant’s interior completely as it will cost more than you can imagine and there will be no profit.

Diwali is mostly a festival for sweets and fireworks so you can ask your chefs to invent a new sweet dish or you can just stick to traditional Indian sweets. Adding a special recipe in your menu according to a particular holiday in your menu can help you maintain good customer relations.

It is important that your restaurant is seen and its deals are advertised properly to reach the masses. Put up stalls in your local food festival to get the word out about your restaurant and how it can accommodate them.

National & International Holidays

There are number of national and international holidays that people around the world celebrate. Keep track of those entire holidays and offer something exciting on those particular days. Creating a suitable ambience is a given as well as offering discount deals but to keep things exciting, think out of the box!

Maybe a competition can help you to get more people interested? A themed cooking competition or a speedy competition, take your pick and invite people to participate. Give free vouchers to the winners and request everyone to write give reviews about your hospitality.

Seasons and Aesthetics

Not only religious and national holidays but seasonal festivals like spring, summer and autumn festivals can also add to the aesthetics of your restaurant if you follow such seasonal themes.

Seasonality & Customer Interest

Seasonality can be devastating for many restaurant owners but you have to reach out to people in more ways than just traditional marketing strategies. Broaden your horizons and reach to new audiences and communities through your jack of all marketing strategy. Do not just stick to one theme; keep it exciting so that new customers have a reason to keep coming back for more.

For old customers, you need to understand what they liked about your restaurant at first, through well-designed feedback. Stay in touch with your customers to deliver as best of a service to them as is possible.

Holiday Seasons and Advertising

Advertising is an important aspect while promoting your new theme during holiday season. You can promote your restaurant through different festivals and events as well as make your restaurant accessible through different social media and food apps.

Social media is necessary to advertise various holiday packages on your official page and get the word out about the exciting new discount deals your restaurant is offering!